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"Recce Puke" Resin
RF-4C Camera/Maintenance Bay Set


Aires, 1/48 scale


S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number: Aires Set # 4231 - RF-4B/C Camera/Maintenance Bay Set
Price: USD$35.00 obtained from King's Hobbies, Austin TX
Scale: 1/48
Contents and Media: 16 parts in cream coloured resin; five parts in clear resin; photo-etched fret.
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Well detailed; well cast; accurate; includes air conditioning equipment bays; lends character and detail to the Hasegawa kit
Recommendation: Recommended


Aires' 1/48 scale RF-4B/C Camera / Maintenance Bay is available online from Squadron.com

Reviewed by "Bondo" Phil Brandt




This elderly recce puke's fooled around for so long in accumulating aftermarket to do a detailed representation of his 22TRS "Vomit Comet" bird at Mountain Home circa 1970 that he's spent enough to have bought a big buck Collect-Aire RF...if they did one, that is!

First, the plan was to convert the original Hasegawa raised detail F-4C using the High Flight or Paragon Conversions along with Seamless Suckers intakes. Then out came the Hasegawa Wild Weasel with engraved details, but requiring the removal of the wing slats and associated fairings. The plan for this one was to use the new Black Box recce nose, Aires wheel bays, etc. Then, naturally, Hasegawa after what, five years or so, finally elected to do RF-4s, and all my previous schemes and acquired recce nose conversions are instantly obsolescent. Real fine, but at least Bondo Industries was finally ready to start, planning a closed panels presentation to emphasize the sleekness of the recce nose. Even that scheme was not to be because the fascinating "busy-ness" provided by the not-inexpensive Aires camera bay set poisoned Bondo's mind, and he laid out the long green.

Finally, the "dance" could begin.





This is a most inclusive set and, for $35, should be.

In the package are: a large, two-piece camera bay interior joined by a separate structural former, all of which nest inside the Hasegawa nose along with various smaller components such as camera mount structure; a forward oblique KS-87 camera, two KS-87 side-lookers and a cream resin KA-56 Low Pan; the KS-87s are done in clear resin; the Low Pan in cream-colored resin. The High Station features a cream resin KA-91 High Pan. Two resin upper camera compartment access doors with PE framing enable viewing of this complicated assemblage, and the substitute clear resin forward and aft lower camera access doors (the early, "sharp" profile) hang down for film canister changeouts.

In addition to all this, Aires also chose to do the crowded air conditioning equipment bays (below the canopies, just aft of the camera bay) and associated removable panels with, again, PE framing.

Click the thumbnails below to view larger images:



The wealth and fineness of main bay detail is exceptionally well molded; very realistic! The interiors of the camera doors and access panels are all properly detailed as well.

I haven't checked fit which, frankly, for some other Aires aftermarket products (much too deep F-4 wheel wells, for instance) hasn't been great, but since all these panels will be open, I don't see fit as a problem.





This set tops off what is already a superior Hasegawa release. Just add the BB cockpit and Seamless Sucker intakes, and you, too, will be "Alone, Unarmed and Unafraid!"


"Bondo" Phil Brandt IPMS 14091

Review and Images Copyright 2005 by Phil Brandt
Page Created 21 January, 2005
Last updated 21 January, 2005

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