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Cockpit, Wheel Wells & Exhaust Sets
E.E. Lightning F.Mk.2/6

Aires, 1/48 scale



S u m m a r y

Details: Aires #4318 - BAC EE Lightning F.Mk.2/6 Exhaust Nozzles
Aires #4319 - BAC EE Lightning F.Mk.2/6 Wheel Bays
Aires #4320 - BAC EE Lightning F.Mk.2/6 Cockpit Set
Scale: 1/48
Contents and Media: See details below
Price: Aires #4318 - USD$24.98
Aires #4319 - USD$19.96
Aires #4320 - USD$19.76 all available online from Squadron.com
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Beautifully detailed; high quality casting; worthwhile donor kit; effective use of multi-media; will work well together as a super-detailing suite
Disadvantages: Experience working with resin and photo-etch will be helpful
Recommendation: Highly Recommended to experienced modellers.

Reviewed by Brett Green

Aires' 1/48 scale Lightning Sets are available online from Squadron.com

F i r s t   L o o k

Aires has released three sets to detail and upgrade the 1/48 scale Airfix E.E. Lightning F.2a / F.6 kit. This is a very nice model, accurate and with excellent surface features, but it could certainly use some help with extra attention in the cockpit, wheel wells and exhaust area.

All three sets are beautifully cast in grey resin and feature exquisite detail. These are part of the new generation of Aires' casting, with some clever undercuts and most detail cast in place on larger parts, minimising the time spent on assembling tiny fiddly parts.

Specifically, the three sets are as:

4318 - BAC EE Lightning F.Mk.2/6 Exhaust Nozzles

Aires' 1/48 scale Lightning Exhaust Nozzles set comprises six parts in grey resin plus a small photo-etched fret. Two complete, full-depth nozzles and jet tubes are included.



Installation should be relatively straightforward.

4319 - BAC EE Lightning F.Mk.2/6 Wheel Bays

Aires' 1/48 scale Lightning wheel bays comprises 18 parts in grey resin.



The wheel bay set is beautifully detailed, and a massive improvement over the kit parts. The bays feature excellent texture and structural elements. Gear doors are also included.

Experience will be helpful when installing this set.

4320 - BAC EE Lightning F.Mk.2/6 Cockpit Set

The fact that this set only comprises seven resin parts and a small photo-etched fret does not suggest lack of detail. To the contrary, wiring, cables, switches, hydraulics and more are all cast directly onto the impressive one-piece cockpit tub. The seat looks equally good, and includes well-textured cushions on the squab and backrest.

Rudder pedals, harness and instrument panel are all supplied on the photo-etched fret. A printed acetate sheet takes care of the instruments.



See the title image to view the resin parts of this set.





Aires has delivered an impressive suite of accessories that will transform your Airfix 1/48 scale Lightning F.2A / F.6 into a superdetailed masterpiece.

Experience will be helpful for installing the cockpit and the wheel wells, especially if both will be used on the same model. However, some extra time spent preparing and test-fitting should result in a satisfying and impressive result.

Highly Recommended.

Thanks to Aires for the sample

Aires accessories and conversions are available online from Aires website
and in retail model shops worldwide

Review Copyright 2006 by Brett T. Green
This Page Created on 23 October, 2006
Last updated 22 October, 2006

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