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Liberator GR.V
"Dumbo" Radome / Leigh Light Conversion


Belcher Bits

S u m m a r y
Catalogue Number and  Description BB-16 Liberator GR.V "Dumbo" Radome / Leigh Light Conversion
Contents and Media: Five parts in cream coloured resin; two parts on one small sheet of clear vacform
Scale: 1/48
Price: CAN$14.99 available online from Belcher Bits website
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Simple conversion for a very different look for your B-24D; good timing for re-release of Revell-Monogram kit; both the Belly Radome and Nose Radome included (making two conversions possible from this one set); Leigh Light searchlight supplied; high quality casting; includes clear lens and dome; good instructions including background information.
Disadvantages: Additional reference may be hard to come by.
Recommendation: Recommended

Reviewed by Brett Green

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Revell has just re-released the very respectable - and big - 1/48 scale B-24D Liberator kit.

Belcher Bits has timed the release of their new conversion well to coincide with the availability of the Liberator. Belcher Bits' 1/48 scale Liberator GR.V Dumbo Radome / Leigh Light Conversion, combined with RAF Coastal Command or RCAF colours, will certainly deliver a very different look to your Revell-Monogram B-24.

There are five parts in cream coloured resin and a small clear vacform sheet with a lens and clear dome. Casting quality is extremely good. There will be a little sanding and trimming required to remove excess resin from a few parts.

The resin parts represent the Dumbo Radome, the Belly Radome, two parts for the Leigh Light searchlight and a mounting pylon for the light.

The Dumbo Radome was fitted to Liberator GR.Vs in service with RAF Coastal Command and the RCAF. Some cutting and minor modifications to the kit parts will be required to fit the Dumbo Radome, but nothing beyond the skills of any modeller who has tackled a few resin conversions.

The Leigh Light is a simple assembly that is mounted on the bottom of the starboard wing. The body is made up of two resin parts, while the lens and clear dome cover are vacform plastic.

In fact, this set actually represent two conversions. The "Dumbo" Radome was never fitted to the same aircraft as the Belly Radome, so this bonus part may be used for a second conversion project for any of the following:

  • early Liberator GR.V

  • Liberator GR.VI

  • USAAC pathfinder B-24D

  • USN PB4Y-1 and 2

The Belly Radome represents the apparatus in retracted position, and should be a simple direct replacement for the belly panel part in either kit.

A Yagi antenna is not included, but a diagram in the instructions can be used as a template for cutting and assembling brass wire or similar.



The instructions are very good, with historical background, construction text and various diagrams. The only shortcoming is the absence of a diagram to illustrate the cutting lines for the kit nose. This is surprising, because a small but helpful diagram is actually included on Belcher Bits' catalogue listing.

Belcher Bits' 1/48 scale Liberator GR.V Dumbo Radome / Leigh Light Conversion will be a relatively simple way to achieve a strikingly different appearance for your Revell-Monogram B-24 Liberator.


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Thanks to Mike Belcher from Belcher Bits for the review sample.

Belcher Bits Kits, Accessories and Decals are available online from the Belcher Bits Website

Text and Images Copyright 2004 by Brett Green
This Page Created on 22 March, 2004
Last updated 22 March, 2004

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