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Bf 109E Wheel Wells
1/32 scale for Hasegawa kit



Cutting Edge Modelworks


S u m m a r y
Catalogue Number and Description CEC32113 - Bf 109E Wheel Wells
Price: USD$8.99 from Meteor Productions website
Scale: 1/32
Contents and Media: Two parts in dark grey resin
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: A simple but effective improvement to the wheel well of the older Hasegawa kit; good detail on sidewalls and well ceiling; excellent casting quality; thinly cast to minimise preparation; retains mounting points for kit gear legs.
Disadvantages: Some care will be required when removing parts from long casting strip
Recommendation: Recommended to anyone building the Hasegawa 1/32 scale Bf 109E


Reviewed by Brett Green

HyperScale is proudly sponsored by Meteor Productions




The flurry of releases of 1/32 scale Messerschmitt Bf 109Gs and K was preceded several decades ago by a Messerschmitt Bf 109E.

Hasegawa's old 1/32 scale Bf 109E is still respectable in many respects, including the basic shape and ease of assembly. Modellers will have differing opinions about the raised surface detail, but a couple of areas that do not stand up to scrutiny in 2004 are the cockpit and the main wheel wells.

Cutting Edge has released a wheel well set for Hasegawa's 1/32 scale Hasegawa kit which will significantly and simply improve the main wheel well. This set comprises two parts cast in dark grey resin.



Detail and casting quality is very good indeed. The lightening holes at the rear wall of the wheel well are completely hollow, minimising the need for cleanup. Sidewall and ceiling detail is good.

The parts are cast onto a single, long casting strip. Removing the parts should not be difficult using a scriber, knife and/or razor saw, but care should be taken not to damage the thin resin parts.

Cutting Edge's 1/32 scale main wheel well is a simple and effective accessory to lift the standard of your Hasegawa Bf 109E.


Thanks to Meteor Productions for the review samples.

Cutting Edge Modelworks products are available from Meteor Productions Website

Text and Images Copyright 2004 by Brett Green
Page Created 18 October, 2004
Last updated 18 October, 2004

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