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F-16A ADF Tail

Cutting Edge Modelworks, 1/48 scale


S u m m a r y
Catalogue Number and Description CEC48484 - F-16 ADF Tail
Price: USD$17..99 from Meteor Productions website
Scale: 1/48
Contents and Media: Seven pieces in grey resin and one in clear resin
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: High level of detail; excellent casting; simple construction; nice clear resin part;
Disadvantages: No instructions
Recommendation: Recommended


Reviewed by Rodger Kelly

HyperScale is proudly sponsored by Meteor Productions




48484 is the final offering in Cutting Edge's F-16 conversion trilogy and this time, it is a conversion to enable you to produce a USAF machine. 

The F-16 Air Defence Fighter (F-16 ADF) was developed for the fighter interception role to provide the continental United States with a defence against bombers and cruise missiles.  F-16A ADF aircraft can be distinguished from standard F-16A/B's by several external identifying features: 

        Long, thin horizontal bulges on the base of the vertical tail.

        'Bird Slicer' Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) antenna a set of four blade antenna on the nose forward of the canopy and on the underside of the fuselage behind the intake.

        A 150,000 candlepower night identification spotlight on the port side of the nose between the radome and the leading edge of the wing. 

This resin conversion set from Cutting Edge will achieve 99% of the conversion for you painlessly.  You will still need to modify your chosen kit to include the night identification spotlight though.   The Cutting Edge conversion set provides you with:

        A one-piece fin base (with the appropriate bulges) and vertical stabiliser.

        Two sets of 'bird slicer' IFF antennas.  These are provided as curved bases onto which you glue the separately cast antenna blades.

        Strobe light lens (cast in clear resin).

        Tail mounted floodlight. 

The casting is well up to Cutting Edge's very high standards with no mis-casts, pinholes or warps.  The parts exhibit fine engraved panel line detail, the leading and trailing edges of the vertical stabiliser are straight and sharp as are the tiny IFF antenna blades. 

No instructions are provided with the conversion at all.  However, as I suspect that the set is aimed at the hardcore F-16 fan they are not needed but it would be nice for those of us without up to date references if some were provided. 

The smaller parts including the mounting plate for the IFF antenna, the antenna blades themselves, and the fin mounted floodlight have been cast together and share the same pour plug and two of the same 'sprue' is provided.  The plug incorporates extra resin as a means of protecting the smaller parts in transit.  The parts are contained in a clear plastic zip-loc bag which is stapled to Cutting Edge's familiar black and yellow header card. 

An easy conversion from Cutting Edge for the F-16 fans. 


Thanks to Meteor Productions for the review samples.

Cutting Edge Modelworks products are available from Meteor Productions Website

Text and Images Copyright 2006 by Rodger Kelly
Page Created 15 March, 2006
Last updated 14 March, 2006

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