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Phantom FG.1 / FGR.2

1/32 Scale Conversion & Decal Preview


Cutting Edge Modelworks

HyperScale is proudly sponsored by Meteor Productions



Dave Klaus from Meteor Productions has provided the following information about an exciting forthcoming conversion and accompanying markings:

Here is some information on our upcoming 1/32 scale Phantom FG.1/FGR.2 conversion for the Tamiya F-4J kit.

The master conversion was made by Dr Frank Mitchell of Atlanta, Georgia. Frank previously published an internet article on the massive work required to complete his conversion. We've used Frank's parts except for the lower wing. The wing on our set will have the normal Phantom wingspan, something that Frank chose not to do when he built this conversion for himself. This is a HUGE conversion that includes a new fuselage top (cast the same way as the Tamiya F-4J fuselage), a new lower wing/fuselage part (cast the same way as the Tamiya F-4J), new larger intakes with seamless interior trunking, new inboard upper wing parts (to accommodate the wider fuselage), fin cap RWR, new nose gear strut for the FG.1, and of course the huge new Spey engine nozzles, along with many more parts. Even with all these parts, it is a conversion and will require quite a few of the Tamiya F-4J parts.


Ten jets below will be covered by our Cutting Edge decals to be released concurrently or slightly later than the conversion itself.

Pricing has not been set at this time, nor has the exact release date (which will be soon). I will notify you when and as the sets become available. We will also email our customer base when the sets are available. I suspect that we'll only make about 200 of these sets since they're such a big, time consuming conversion to produce.

A couple of notes about this decal artwork.

Please note, it is not complete; we expect to finish it in the next few days.

  • 111 Sqn Black Mike (XV582) is of the version with the pristine gloss black finish. There was another version with a multitude of red stencils on the airframe, but I don't like that one as well since it breaks up that gorgeous gloss black.



  • The 41 Sqn commander's bird (XV571) can be built of course without the gaudy spine checks since they were removed at some point in the jet's life.



  • The RN 892 Sqn "Colonial Navy" bird will include full non-zapped Royal Navy markings, including both the Queen's Jubilee "77" and the later 892 Sq crest for the nose swoosh. Also note that the nose swooshes on the 892 birds were individualized and each jet was slightly different. We've done XV590/001 because that's the bird that got the full "Colonial Navy" treatment by US Navy personnel during cross-decking operations on a US carrier.



  • The Alcock & Brown scheme includes only XV424, the jet that made the actual memorial flight. I have not included the minor changes for the backup bird.



  • The 19 Sqn sharkmouth was applied with chalk or grease pencil just before this jet returned to the UK for repaint. The sharkmouth and "Phantom II" cartoon will be supplied in the form of decals printed in the PYN-up Decals printing process for maximum realism. This jet can of course be built without the self-applied zaps if wished to portray an earlier version, and we also include the "481" for the fin RWR for an even earlier incarnation.



  • The 74 Sqn/56 Sqn combination red tail (XV426) also includes 74 Squadron-only markings option with the 74 nose badge and smaller tiger head for the fin.



You'll note the absence of my favorite Phantom of all time, the A&AEE "Raspberry Ripple" jet. That plane had a non-standard radome that we don't have time to make right now; look for it as a POSSIBLE future option with decals if there is enough interest.

Obviously there is much more information on each of these jets available, and the decal instructions will go through those details.

Thanks to Cutting Edge Modelworks for the preview information

Cutting Edge Modelworks products can be viewed & purchased at Meteor Productions website

Images and Information Copyright 2004 Meteor Productions
This Page Created on 19 December, 2005
Last updated 19 December, 2005

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