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Dornier Do 217N-2 Conversion


Simple Models, 1/48 scale


S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number: Not Quoted
Price: USD$21.00
Scale: 1/48
Contents and Media: 30 Parts in Tan Colored Resin
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Surprisingly, the first time a 1/48 Do 217 N-2 conversion has ever been available. Well detailed, nicely cast.
Disadvantages: No instructions, no decals, no clear parts. Fair bit of cleanup required. This set is not for the impatient.
Recommendation: Highly recommended for all WWII scale German Night Fighter fans.


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Reviewed by Mike Powlen




Dornier's ultimate night fighter, the Do 217 N-2, was born out of a desire to eliminate as much weight and drag as was possible from the preceding versions of the venerable Do 217.

This variant dispensed with the ventral gun position and dorsal turret entirely, replacing these with wooden fairings. Although this combination solved much of the previous weight problems the aircraft was still 300 lb heavier than the standard Ju 88 G-6.

Armament of the Do 217 N-2 was (lower) four 20-mm MG 151 and( upper) four 7.9-mm MG 17 machine guns grouped in the solid nose. Most were also equipped with the R-22 “ Schrage Musik” installation of four 20-mm MG 151 cannon in the aft fuselage. Most aircraft was fitted with FuG 202 Lichtenstein radar.

These aircraft were used by the Nachtjagd in small numbers in several theaters, the main recipients being NJG 3,NJG 4, NJG 100, 101 and 102.

The 1/48 scale Monogram Dornier Do217 E-5 is a magnificent model in terms of overall accuracy, detail and fit of parts.

For years, more than a few modelers have been wanting to be able to add a Dornier Do 217 N-2 to the ever growing collection of German WWII Night Fighters. Up until recently, the only possibility of having a Do 217 N-2 in any scale would be to totally scratch build one, not the easiest of tasks.

Well the small cottage industry comes thru again. Folks what we have here is a very nice 1/48 resin conversion which, by using the Monogram Do 217 E-5 as the donor kit, can be made into a very nice Do 217 N-2.




Simple Models is a new name for me and before I actually bought the kit, an email was in order to John Roll at Roll Models who are the sole distributor of the kit. I wanted to actually make sure it was indeed an N-2 version and not the N-1 which Bill Koster already has a vac kit of.

Sure enough John assured me that the conversion was for an Do 217 N-2 but also said that it was not in a box but just a bag -o-resin parts sans instructions, decals or clear parts. Forewarned I said to myself, what the heck, not any worse than spending $20 on going out to the movies!

Sign me up. I’ll take one.

A short three days later I received the kit and I had to smile, and I don’t smile all that much, as John was right….just a bag with a bunch-o-resin parts. Yep….but man these are pretty nice parts.

What you get for your hard earned $20 is 30 tan colored resins parts which comprise :

  • Two complete DB 603A engines with props and blades, four flame damping exhaust shrouds and two supercharger intakes.

  • A two part lower fuselage fairing, one upper fuselage fairing , one solid nose

  • Both right and left interior 20-mm MG 151 cannon magazines with attached belt feed chutes.

  • Front circuit boxes and air canister section which fits under instrument panel

  • Three other small parts that to be truthful, I have yet to figure out what the heck are.

The over impression is that most of the parts are very well cast with some very good engraving. The mold blocks on the larger parts are not excessive and should not be a problem to remove. The small parts have a wafer of resin surrounding them but nothing a sharp knife cant handle with a couple of swipes.

The one piece nose is very nice indeed with the upper most MG 17 and lower MG 151 locations pre drilled. The radar bases are the correct heavy 2nd type which dispensed with the extra bracing as seen on the N-1 version. The top nose vents are also recessed and the MG 17 access hatches are finely engraved as are the rest of the nose panel lines. Surprisingly the lower shell ejector section which should be behind the solid nose is not included and one is left to his/her own devices to make this section. The FuG 202 radar is also not included and one must produce this themselves.

The DB 603A engines IMHO are fantastic, being a bit more to scale( read that larger) than Kosters renditions. The propeller boss and VDM props are very impressive and also look more to scale, again read that larger. My example did have one small air bubble on the lower lip of both supercharger intakes and two of the flame damping exhaust shrouds also had a bubble, but nothing a bit of cyano glue wont fix.

The two piece lower and one piece upper fairings for the weapons stations are very nice although some rather major surgery of the Monogram “base kit” will be required to fit these parts. The top fairing will require one to surgically remove the rear canopy section just before the turret opening and place the fairing in its place. The lower two piece fairing will require one to remove a small portion of the lower Bomb bay and lower gun station.

The interior MG 151 magazines with connected feed chutes are nice as well.

Well that about sums it up. Seeming as how we will not likely get a injected 1/48 Do 217N-2 anytime in the foreseeable future, this is one of those conversions that, if one wants an example of Dorniers premier night fighter, with time and patience can be made into a great looking kit.



Review and Images Copyright © 2004 by Mike Powlen
Page Created 01 December, 2004
Last updated 01 December, 2004

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