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Fw 190D-9 Cockpit
for 1/32 Scale Hasegawa Kits



Eagle Parts


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Catalogue Number, Description and Price:

#40-32 Fw 190D-9 Cockpit Set USD$XX.00 Available now
from Eagle Editions website

Scale: 1/32
Contents and Media: TBA
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Eagle Editions announce the following new release (available now) for Hasegawa's new 1/32 scale Focke-Wulf Fw 190D-9 kits. Eagle Editions has supplie the following text and images:


EaglePart #40-32 Fw 190D Cockpit

This resin set is designed to completely replace the plastic kit parts of Hasegawa's 1/32 scale Fw 190D-9, kit number ST 19.

The parts included with this set represent a typical FW 190D-9 cockpit. The master patterns were created from factory manuals, and detailed photos of original, un-restored aircraft. The cockpit represented here is typical of a standard FW 190D-9. While we would have liked to make this set a "drop-in" replacement for the kit parts, the extensive nature of the accurate details in this resin set necessitates some modification to the kit fuselage parts. We feel that the end results are well worth the extra work.

Also note that there is extra detailing to be found behind the seat area, which is difficult to see from the cockpit side. We detailed this area in advance planning of a detail set that will enhance the radios and other details later on.

Options and Features

This cockpit set features many details that have never before been captured correctly in scale. We are happy to include scale canopy rails that run the length of the cockpit sills, accurate positioning of the pilot's back armor, correct portrayal of the oxygen system, and a seat that is meticulously scaled from an original. We have included two styles of rudder pedals. The style with the large oval cutout is typically considered a "late" pedal. Both styles were seen on Fw 190D-9's, and have been recorded mixed on the same aircraft. Our rudder pedals are "pose-able", as is the stick.



Two different stick boots are provided so that the stick may be installed in any position. The aircraft chronometer was usually placed in the aircraft at the beginning of a flight period, and removed when the aircraft was parked. The right side console features an empty mount for the chronometer. We have provided a separate chronometer for you to install if you like. There are two seats to choose from; one with cast-in belts, and one without belts for you to detail yourself with the photoetched buckles provided.



Fw 190D-9's could be easily configured as a JABO or fighter-bomber. The lower instrument panel includes the standard rocket control switches. If you wish to model a JABO, you will need to attach the optional bomb control panel to the lower instrument panel.

The rear fuselage decking featured different access covers for the MW50 installation. We have provided two styles of covers. As an added bonus, we have included the landing gear indicator rods. On the real aircraft, these rods serve as a visual indicator to the pilot confirming that the landing gear is down. Our indicator rods are FLAT like the original, and feature engraved lines and arrows to simulate the markings on these parts.

This set is NOW AVAILABLE from Eagle Editions! http://www.eagle-editions.com

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Thanks to Eagle Editions for the information

EagleParts accessories are available online from Eagle Editions

Images Copyright 2003 by Eagle Editions
Text Copyright 2003 by Eagle Editions
Page Created 08 July, 2003
Last updated 14 August, 2003

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