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Fw 190D-9 Gun Cowl
& Radiator Cowl
for 1/32 Scale Hasegawa Kits



Eagle Parts




Eagle Editions announce the following forthcoming releases for Hasegawa's new 1/32 scale Focke-Wulf Fw 190D-9 kits. Eagle Editions has supplied the following text and images:


EaglePart #41 and 42-32 Fw 190D Gun Cowl


One of Jerry Crandall's pet peeves is that the Fw 190 D-9 gun cowling and gun troughs for the MG 131 machine guns are incorrectly molded on all D-9 kits. All plastic kits have always depicted the bulges on the gun cover cowling itself way too bulbous. Probably one of the reasons is lack of available good documentation.

The forward upper cowling that includes the gun troughs has also been incorrectly presented.

These major flaws have been corrected in our new resin aftermarket kit which changes the whole personality of the 1/32 Hasegawa Fw 190 D-9 kit.

EP#41-32 also includes the small air scoop, with an open end for better realism already molded on the gun trough panel, so the modeler does not have to fuss with this very tiny kit part!

There are two gun cowlings available, the early 5 piece and the later 3 piece (EagleParts #42-32). All of the proper bumps are molded onto the resin part and can be removed as required per particular aircraft.

These corrected gun cowlings are modeled after an original D-9 gun cowling and gun trough for accuracy.

A comparison shot of EP#41-32 and the Gun Cowling from the 1/32nd scale Hasegawa D-9 kit shown below, the EP#41-32 is on the left.



Note the subtle accurate shape of the gun cowl bulges and the properly shaped MG 131 machine gun openings on the gun trough compared to the incorrect funnel shape from the kit, pictured on the right. Notice the panel line break between the two cowlings is much greater, as is found on the real aircraft.


EaglePart #43-32 Fw 190D Radiator Cowl Ring


The Hasegawa 1/32nd Fw 190 D-9 kit does not accurately depict the correct airfoil shape of the radiator cowling; it is too flat. This defect is evident in any good photo showing the nose of a real Fw 190 D-9. To help achieve the correct curvature of this cowling we were able to take apart a real cowling, place it on a large piece of paper and trace the exact shape to achieve the correct airfoil. The two pins that hold the cowling together and the cover plate at the rear of the cowling halves are very accurately depicted in EagleParts #43-32.

Below is a comparison picture of the kit part, shown on the right and EagleParts #43-32 the D-9 radiator cowling on the left.



Thanks to Eagle Editions for the information

EagleParts accessories are available online from Eagle Editions

Images Copyright 2003 by Eagle Editions
Text Copyright 2003 by Eagle Editions
Page Created 13 October, 2003
Last updated 13 October, 2003

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