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F-16 Saddle Tanks and
F-16D Peace Marble II/III Spine


Cutting Edge Modelworks


S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number, Description & Price

CEC48428 - F-16 Saddle Tanks USD$13.99
CEC48433 - F-16D Peace Marble II/III Spine USD$12.99

Scale: 1/48
Contents and Media: CEC48428 - Two pieces in grey resin
CEC48433 - One piece in grey resin
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Dramatic change to the outline of the F-16; very clean casting; good detail; simple conversion; will also be relevant to the next generation of F-16s and be complimentary to forthcoming resin Block 50 "Big Mouth" from CE.
Disadvantages: Some reference will be required for specific "Peace Marble" subjects; or other air force's big spines.
Recommendation: Recommended


Reviewed by Brett Green

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Cutting Edge Modelworks has recently released two interesting resin accessories that will transform the outline of your Hasegawa 1/48 scale F-16 kits.

The first, CEC48428, is a set of F-16 conformal saddle tanks. These big tanks are attached to the upper fuselage of the model, and are very distinctive. They will become more common in the coming years on both USAF and foreign F-16s.

The tanks are cast as one piece each, and are attached to a relatively small casting block at the back of the tanks. The instructions point out that the tanks are only applicable to the Hasegawa kits, and that the tanks should be glued to the upper fuselage before the lower fuselage and wings have been added. The ideal method of securing these parts is two-part epoxy glue, as this will permit a few minutes to adjust the parts if required.

The next accessory is CEC48433, F-16D Peace Marble II/III Spine. This is the large avionics spine as fitted to two-seater Israeli F-16s.



The single resin part will be extremely simple to add to the Hasegawa kit, but care should be taken when removing the casting block. I recommend repeatedly scribing either side of the strip connecting the part to the block, then snapping the block off.

The spine may be applicable to other air forces' Vipers too, but check for detail differences on the spines before embarking on your project.

These two accessories could also be used together for the brand new Block 52+ F-16, resulting in a dramatically different profile for the Viper.


Thanks to Cutting Edge Modelworks for the preview information

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Review Text and Images Copyright 2003 by Brett Green
This Page Created on 19 March, 2003
Last updated 14 August, 2003

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