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Focke-Wulf Fw 190D-13

1/32 Scale Conversion


J. Rutman


S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number: Not Quoted
Price: USD$40.00
Scale: 1/32
Contents and Media: 13 parts in cream-colored resin
Review Type: FirstLook and FirstBuild
Advantages: Equals the quality of the Hasegawa kit parts; attractive and interesting subject not previously available in 1/32 scale; fairly simple construction
Disadvantages: Some pinholes require filling; careful preparation and some modeling skills required
Recommendation: Highly Recommended


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Reviewed by Tom Cleaver




To my mind, and a fair number of other modelers that I know, the Fw-190D-13 was the best-looking version of the Dora series. When one couples the lines of the aircraft with its one-and-only paint scheme and markings as "Yellow 10," a model of this airplane is irresistible to any serous Luftwaffe modeler.

While Hasegawa has a history of making just about every version of any type of airplane they choose to produce in kit form, the Fw-190D-13 is just obscure enough - being a one-and-only - and needs just enough extra engineering in the forward fuselage to require new molds; it's therefore entirely likely that, if they ever do get around to doing this airplane, it will be awhile before it shows up.


Thus, we are very fortunate indeed to have Jerry Rutman - "Mr. Large-Scale Fw-190 Conversion Kits" - decide to create a resin conversion set to turn the 1/32 scale Hasegawa Fw-190D-9 into the D-13. At USD$40.00 for the full-fuselage set, this is a bargain indeed.

The set includes two forward fuselage halves, modifed with the expanded cowling to fit the different engine that powered the Dora-13, a new spinner and prop blades, enlarged supercharger intake, and the parts necessary for the centerline motorkannon, its ammunition tank and shell ejection chute.


The surface detail of the replacement parts is every bit the equal of the kit parts, though I found some pinholes in the lower area of the enlarged supercharger intake. Fit of the fuselage parts will require the modeler to be certain they cut down the parts to get the accurate centerline. Once this is accomplished, some extensive dremeling will be required inside the parts in order to get the kit cockpit and engine plug to fit, given that the resin parts are about half again as thick as the original injection-molded plastic parts.

None of this work is difficult, and the conversion parts will fit perfectly with the kit parts after a bit of test-fitting. As is typical with a limited-run conversion set, "some modeling ability is required."

The two pictures here of the assembled model were taken after a weekend's effort. Overall, these parts work as well for this conversion as does the 1/48 conversion kit from The Wurger Mechanic - since that is one of the best conversion sets I've ever used, that should be taken as high praise indeed for this effort by Jerry Rutman.


If you're going to get this, be sure to order the decal sheet for "Yellow 10" from EagleCals soon. Judy Crandall tells me the run of the 1/32 sheet is nearly sold out.

Highly recommended for Wurger lovers.

Thanks to Jerry Rutman for the review sample.

The full range of J. Rutman's kits and accessories may be viewed and ordered from his new website at http://jrutman.playnet.com/

Review and Images Copyright 2004 by Tom Cleaver
Page Created 18 April, 2004
Last updated 17 April, 2004

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