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IsraCast 32001

IAF F-16C Block 40 Conversion

for Tamiya


1/32 scale




S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number: IsraCast 32001 - IAF F-16C Block 40 Conversion
Scale: 1/32
Contents and Media: Resin conversion
Price: $33 USD
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Good quality, accurate.
Recommendation: Highly Recommended


Reviewed by Dave Williams

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F i r s t   L o o k


Isradecal’s new Isracast resin conversion provides the necessary parts to convert the Tamiya F-16CJ Block 50 kit into the F-16C Block 40 as used by the Israeli Air Force.  The set contains 22 parts cast in tan resin.  Casting quality is very good with crisp detail and no air bubbles in my sample. 



The contents include: 

·         The extended navigation light housings for the side of the intakes, which contain antennas for the EW system.

·         An additional EW antenna for under the intake

·         The extended tail fairing, with the aft facing EW antenna molded in at the rear.

·         Small air scoop for the side of the tail fairing.

·         Block 40 wheel hubs to replace the kit hubs (part K7).

·         Pre-cooler intake scoop, replacing kit part A7 above the left main wheel well

·         New nose side plates that directly place kit parts B21 and B22.  These parts contain the larger RWR antenna fairings used on IAF F-16Cs and include the trapezoidal plates immediately in front of the fairings.

·         Optional antenna boxes or cover plates for the “donut” ring immediately in front of the engine exhaust.  Many IAF F-16Cs were fitted with four antenna boxes, mounted above and below the horizontal stabilizer on each side.  In the late 90’s these boxes were removed and a cover plate fitted where they had once been.

·         Four standard F-16 Sidewinder rails (16S210) as replacements for the kit’s LAU-129 rails.  IAF F-16Cs use the older rails for both AIM-9L and Python 4. 

Note:  In Sidewinder rails included in the initial production of this set were found to be too short.  This was discovered and corrected in sets made after late May 2005.  The corrected sets are identified with a green round label on the box end.  Purchasers of the early set with the incorrect rails may contact Isradecals through their website to have the corrected rails sent to them.  If you are unsure which rails you have, the incorrect rails are 76mm in length, while the corrected rails are 83mm long. 

The instructions consist of clear drawings showing the placement of the parts, as well as detail photographs of a real IAF F-16 to aid in proper positioning.  The set should be easy to use with most parts being “stick-on”, or direct replacement for the kit parts.  The only care needed is in cutting the Tamiya tail to install the new extended tail fairing. 

The kit is designed for use on the Tamiya kit, and Ra’anan Weiss has stated that a separate conversion will be released for the Academy kit. 

Highly Recommended!

Review sample courtesy of my dwindling bank account.

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