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F/A-18C/D Hornet
Late Lot Update Set, Centerline Pylon and Dual Chaff/Flare Buckets


MAW Decals, 1/48 scale



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Detail sets cast in white resin, with instructions


USD$2.99 to USD$17.99 each from MAW Decals

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A good approach to updating the Hasegawa Hornet


White resin slightly fragile



Reviewed by Ken Bowes

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Having produced a range of very nice USMC F/A-18 decals, Creighton Henthorn of MAW Decals has come to the rescue of those who wish to use them on the Hasegawa F/A-18C/D, which although nice, is firmly stuck in an early production lot configuration. The three sets reviewed here each address an aspect of the Hornet to enable a model to the latest build standard.

48-R-002 provides a single late style centerline stores pylon, with the raked leading edge. This is now a very common item of alternate mission equipment on Marine and foreign F/A-18s and is therefore quite useful. The sale of this item as a separate part also allows retrofit where other mods do not apply.

48-R-003 provides a set of dual chaff/flare dispenser buckets.  This set is useful for any USN/USMC airframe from BuNo 165171 onwards as well as foreign F/A-18C/Ds users including Switzerland, Finland and Malaysia. Also included are replacement main wheel doors including the extended fairing for the dispensers.  48-R-002 retails for US$2.99 and 48-R-003 for US$4.99.


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48-R 004 is the latest set offered and provides all the remaining pieces of the puzzle for a late production Hornet. MAW offers a complete replacement nose for the Hasegawa kit, from the forward bulkhead of the nosewheel bay forward. The reason for this is for the provision of the five bladed IFF Combined Interrogator Transponder system on the upper nose forward of the windscreen and replacement gun gas mesh vents. The latter are provided as decals which will probably work well in this scale. This is not the limit of this set, as MAW provides all the other bits one also requires for late-lot Hornets including sharks-fin antenna for the undernose and spine, GPS antenna pimple, C/D model nosewheel door and herring bone vents for the upper LEX vents.



48-R-004 retails for US$17.99. Modelers should note that this third set is a useful addition to the aftermarket range available for Hornets as it not just suitable for a USMC/USN Hornet. A good example is that of the RAAF Hornet Upgrade Program for which 90% of this set is applicable to a modernized RAAF F/A-18A/B. Similarly Canadian upgrades could be produced with this set with minor modifications.



The MAW Decals resin sets appear well cast in a slightly fragile smooth white resin. A good coat of primer would be needed to detect flaws in the resin but on my set only the GPS antenna had apparent pinholes from trapped air. Overall these sets represent excellent value and have multiple applications, not limited to US types for Hornet modelers.


Thanks to MAW Decals for the review sample.

Review Copyright 2006 by Ken Bowes
This Page Created on 27 December, 2006
Last updated 27 December, 2006

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