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Pre-Nats Previews

Meteor Productions

HyperScale is proudly sponsored by Meteor Productions




Meteor Productions has provided the following information regarding new releases that will be available this week at the IPMS Nationals in Atlanta:

We've received a HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of new products in preparation for the IPMS-USA nationals next week in Atlanta, but we're too busy to put all of them on our web site just now. For today, some of the new Cutting Edge Modelworks resin sets and a couple more PYN-up Decals to accompany them!


Cutting Edge Modelworks Resin PB4Y-2 Privateer! 1/48

CEC48500 PB4Y-2 Privateer Conversion for Monogram/Revell B-24D or B-24J $239.99


This super kit has nearly 150 parts in CLEAR and gray resin, with white metal fully detailed landing gear. The kit also includes full decals for one WW II US Navy aircraft ("Ol9 Blunderbuss") and one French Navy (Aeronavale) aircraft that flew combat at Dien Bien Phu in 1954 and later in Algeria.

Note that two fantastic PYN-up Decals sets with two Privateers each (four aircraft total) are available separately and are listed below.

This accurate and massive conversion set includes:

- two complete fuselage halves
- the Erco ball-type bow turret with clear resin windows
- two Erco waist blister turrets with clear resin windows
- an additional Martin top turret (to augment the top turret included in the Monogram kit)
- four precise engine cowlings
- four engine nacelles
- four Privateer props
- white metal nose and main landing gear
- all RCM and radar radomes
- interior bulkheads, floors, etc.
- and more!

Special features of our kit:

+ Either the Monogram B-24D or B-24J kit may be used; only the top and tail turrets, wings, and miscellaneous detail parts will be used from the Monogram kit.

+ The Erco waist blister turrets have nine parts each!

+ Full fabric ribbing detail is beautifully executed on the rudder and elevators.

+ The pilots9 canopy is of the proper depth (the Monogram canopy is too shallow)

+ Bow and waist turrets will rotate if you wish.

+ As noted, kit decals include the national insignia and nose art for one aircraft, 3Ol Blunderbuss2/Y564 of VPB-121, and a French Navy (Aeronavale) combat veteran of Dien Bien Phu and Algeria.



Please note that a number of famous Privateers, such as 3Easy Maid,2 were produced with the Consolidated A-6 tail turret mounted in the nose, rather than the Erco ball-type nose turret included in our kit.

This is a very difficult kit to produce, and our shipping rate will be somewhat slower than for our usual Cutting Edge resin sets. We will probably produce less than 250 of these kits in total, so we understand your eagerness to get one (or more) for yourself as soon as possible.

Our Privateer conversion set costs USD$239.99, and after the IPMS-USA National convention will be shipped on a first-paid, first shipped basis. The first 12-18 produced will be sold at the IPMS nationals and we cannot accept preorders for those kits.

While we will accept paid preorders now (via email, phone, or fax as we9re not going to put it on our website for several more days) for kits that will ship after we return from the IPMS convention.

If you are going to the convention you may wish to buy one of these first-production sets in Atlanta rather than preorder. After we return from the convention we9ll ship kits as soon as we can produce them, again, on a first-ordered, first shipped basis.


PYN-up Decals for the Privateer! 1/48

PYND48022 PB4Y-2 Lady Pirates #1: PB4Y-2, 59501, Punkie, 501, , VPB-109, Palawan, Okinawa, and Iwo Jima, June-August 1945; PB4Y-2, The Super-chief/Lex Loci, None, , VPB-106, Westbrook Field, Palawan, Philippine Islands, May-July 1945. $19.99
PYND48024 PB4Y-2 Lady Pirates #2: PB4Y-2, 59582, Miss Sea-ducer, R582, Lt Bronstein, VPB-116, Iwo Jima, March-June 1945; PB4Y-2, 59505, Redwing, X505, , VPB-106, West Field, Tinian, and Westbrook Field, Palawan, Philippine Islands, March-May 1945; BONUS DECAL for unknown PB4Y-2 with a great Cherub with machine gun on left waist blister! $19.99


Cutting Edge Modelworks Resin 1/48: Vipers & Libs!

CEC48482 F-16A Parapack Fin & Rudder (will fit all manufacturers9 F-16 kits) $17.99
CEC48483 F-16C Parapack Fin & Rudder (will fit all manufacturers9 F-16 kits) $17.99
CEC48484 F-16A ADF Conversion with Fin, Rudder, & AIFF Antenna (will fit all manufacturers9 F-16 kits) $17.99
CEC48485 B-24 Landing Gear Struts for Monogram (White Metal) $16.99


Cutting Edge Modelworks Resin 1/32 Viper Stuff!

CEC32166 F-16A Parapack Fin & Rudder for Tamiya (will fit all manufacturers9 F-16 kits) $20.99
CEC32167 F-16C Parapack Fin & Rudder for Tamiya (will fit all manufacturers9 F-16 kits) $22.99
CEC32168 F-16A ADF Conversion with Fin, Rudder, & AIFF Antenna for Tamiya (will fit all manufacturers9 F-16 kits) $22.99


...and yeah--LOTS more to come in the next few days!

Thanks to Cutting Edge Modelworks for the information and images

Cutting Edge Modelworks products can be viewed & purchased at Meteor Productions website

Images and Text Copyright 2005 by Meteor Productions
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Last updated 17 July, 2005

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