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Avro CF-105 Arrow
Exterior Set



MasterCasters, 1/48 scale


Avro CF-105 Arrow Exterior Set PREVIEW


Jay from Mastercasters has supplied the following information about the debut offering from this resin accessory company:


MST48003 Avro Arrow Exterior Set

The Collection is complete

It has taken about a year from the time we first announced plans to release resin detailing sets for the venerable Hobbycraft Avro Arrow kit, and it is with great pleasure that I announce to you the issue of the third and final set. Maintaining the high standards established with the first two well received sets, this set promises not to disappoint. Loaded with detail and intelligently cast, this set combines practical application with serious improvement, and offers you the ability to take your Arrow to a new level.

What You Get:

Firstly, this set includes the open clamshell canopy that I had hoped to include with the cockpit set, but for pricing reasons was much better to include with this set. The clear parts are cast in clear resin and therefore only require masking as you would a normal injection canopy!


Secondly are some improved intakes, along with some very detailed nozzles and cans. The nozzles have accurate detail inside and out and will vastly improve this area of the model.

The set is easy to use and there is no modification of kit parts necessary as all of the above mentioned parts are simple replacements for their corresponding kit parts.

The resin parts themselves only require the minimal amount of cutting and/or sawing to release them from the block.

The set will retail for 16.99.


Click the thumbnails below to view larger images:

Ordering Information

There are a couple of ways to order these sets. If you live in North America you can order them from NorthStar Hobbies or Tiger Models ( a subsidiary J.J. Fedorowicz Publishing Inc.) and both can be found at the following web addresses:



Orders from England, Europe and the rest of the world can be made via the MasterCasters web site at:


Or by e-mail at:


Thanks to Jay Laverty from MasterCasters for the information

Images Copyright 2005 by Jay Laverty / MasterCasters
This Page Created on 05 December, 2005
Last updated 05 December, 2005

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