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Resin Aircraft Accessories



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Graham Green from Noblekraft has supplied the following information about their range of 1/72 and 1/48 scale resin accessories:

NK48001 Fairey Battle Tail and Nose:

This set corrects the nose shape and replaces the fin with the correct offset fin rudder in the Classic Airframes kit. Two simple cuts of the fuselage sides allows the parts to be located easily and makes a great improvement on the kit



Click here to see Graham's model using these parts featured on HyperScale.

NK48002 Dornier Do17 Propellers



For use with the Hobbycraft kit of the Dornier Do17Z. Replaces the kit propellers with resin spinner of correct shape and white metal propeller blades of correct shape and profile.

NK72003 Hawk 100 Tail Correction



This is for the Italeri 1/72 scale Hawk kit and allows the modeller to make the Hawk 127 Australian AF and the CT155 Canadian versions. These versions do not have the Chaffe/flare dispenser box above the engine exhaust as per the kit. It also adds extra detail including the fuel tank breather and rear nav light and comes with a separate jet nozzle so that you get the correct clearance gap between it and the fuselage opening. You can also paint it and add it after the fuselage is complete.

The kit rear fuselage is alright for the Mk.102 UAE Abu Dhabi, 103 Oman, 108 Malaysian, 109 Indonesian, 120 South African and the present BAE Systems demonstrator but not for the 127 and the CT155. You will need this tail if you are using the Model Alliance decals (well recommended) for these versions!

NK48004 TSR2 Equipment Bay



This is to add detail (and colour) to the excellent Dynavector kit of the TSR2. It easily fits into the area of the equipment bay once the door has been cut out. The set, for the Port (left) side comes with separate equipment shelves for ease of painting. Please note that this aircraft was fitted mostly with test and recording equipment in either of the port and starboard bays and it this could be changed dependant upon which testing the aircraft was undergoing.

The access door is intended to be placed in the open position and has a fully detailed inner face. The box top has a colour picture as a guide to painting.

NK48005 Will be the Undercarriage doors for the TSR2, with separate hinge points. They are the doors which are normally in the open position when the landing gear id deployed.

NK48006 F-16 Fin



For use on the Hasegawa kit for the F-16A MLU and features the larger blisters of the later fin base. The refuelling light is cast separately, in white metal, for insertion on the fin leading edge.

NK48007 Sea Eagle Missile



Primarily for use on the Indian Jaguar IM version with the radar nose but it can also be used underneath the Tornado, Buccaneer and also under the BAE Systems Hawk.

Web site : http://www.noblekraft.co.uk

Thanks to Graham Green from NobleKraft for the information

NobleKraft  accessories are available online from their website

Images Copyright 2004 by NobleKraft
Page Created 07 January, 2004
Last updated 07 January, 2004

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