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Su-27 Canopy Correction
for Trumpeter Su-27 Flanker




Zactomodels, 1/32 scale


S u m m a r y
Catalogue Number : We’re guessing 3201
Price: TBA
Scale: 1/32
Contents and Media: 1 Vac form Canopy, 13 cast resin parts, 1 styrene part, photo-etch mirrors and graphics
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Very nice casting, clear instructions and great detail.
Disadvantages: White resin is not my first choice to work with
Recommendation: Highly Recommended


Reviewed by Jay Laverty

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A Good Start

If I were to start a resin company this would be a start I would be pleased with. Despite having headaches with the Vac form canopy and getting it’s production underway, this is a set that Chris from Zactomodels can be proud of.

I must confess to having been a bit sceptical about the need for a replacement canopy when I first read the grumblings about the incorrect shape of Trumpeters kit counterpart, although after seeing some pictures of the real thing compared with the kits, it was obvious that the shape was an issue. ( It is funny that this is one of the things I never notice until someone points it out so I hate to admit it but thanks to the rivet counters are due! )

Vacuform technology not being my strong point and neither possessing the finances nor the inclination to produce a replacement in injection the Zactomodels replacement is the way to go.


Click the thumbnails below to view larger images:

Admirable finesse

With great skill Chris has replicated the detail of the Trumpeter kit, correcting where necessary and improving as well, I was very pleased with this set as it came out of the box. I was particularly impressed with the IRST assembly as it is a vast improvement over the kit part. Although I am not a great fan of working with white resin as it is very difficult to see if you have damaged any details during construction it doesn't take away from the obvious skill that went into producing this set.

I thought that the placards were a nice touch and show a great attention to detail as well.

Following the instructions is very easy, as they are drawn very well, and some of the larger American companies can take a page from Zactomodels book on this front. When it comes to assembly instruction, plain and concise is always a good policy and that has been followed here.

One of the nice additions was the photo-etched rear-view mirrors which, as with the placards, are a thoughtful touch, and would not have been a noticeable omission on my part.



The Verdict


With some luck and determination the long road to production will soon end for Zactomodels first release, and I for one hope that it is soon, as I highly recommend this set to anyone with the intention of “going to town” on their Flanker. Overall it is a well researched and accurate add on set, and you would need to be pretty hard to please if you weren't satisfied with this.

Orders can be placed through the Zactomodels website, which should be operational very shortly and can be found here


Additionally, as I ran the risk of being repetitive as far as information goes, and I wanted to concentrate on the quality of what you get with this review so, for further and far more detailed info please visit Airfore.ru for more info. Once they have the server problems sorted out they will be back up and running.


Highly Recommended.

Thanks to Zactomodels for the review sample

Text and Images Copyright © 2005 by Jay Laverty
Page Created 11 April, 2005
Last updated 11 April, 2005

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