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F-8E Crusader Cockpit


True Details


S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number and Description: 49012 - F-8E Crusader Cockpit Set
Scale: 1/48
Price: USD$8.97 from Squadron's website
Contents and Media: Six parts in cream coloured resin
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Superior detail compared to kit parts; high quality resin castings; moulded on harness; good instructions; low price.
Disadvantages: Packaging does not protect the parts
Recommendation: Recommended.

Reviewed by Rodger Kelly

True Details' 1/48 scale F-8E cockpit is available online from Squadron.com

F i r s t   L o o k


True Details 49012 is another in the series of KMC re-issues. This set provides the modeler with six resin pieces and is designed for the 1/48 scale Monogram F-8E Crusader.

To me, this is what resin cockpits are all about and I'm glad that True Details have chosen to re-release this set. Whilst the old Monogram Crusader has been eclipsed by the newer Hasegawa offering, it is still a good kit if you are prepared to spend some time correcting the landing gear and enhancing the cockpit.

This set goes a long way to achieving the latter. It provides six resin pieces, the cockpit tub with detailed side consoles and rear turtle deck, an ejection seat with its' belts and a "remove before flight" tag cast in place, a control column, the instrument panel, and a cover for the instrument panel, the gun sight, and the throttle handle.

The parts are cast in a light tan resin that reminds me of the resin that AeroMaster used to use for their resin conversion sets. The casting is very well done and there are no pinholes or miscasts in my sample.

The instruction sheet is simple one contains the necessary assembly instructions by way of line drawings as well as painting instructions and a legend that identifies each part.

Packaging is the simple plastic bag stapled to a cardboard header. This form of packaging really is inadequate for delicate resin pieces as it allows the parts to float around, ride up on one another and break.

The KMC range had several sets for the Monogram F-8. Hopefully, True Details are going to work there way through the whole range and re-release them all.


Thanks to Squadron for the review sample


Will it fit the Hasegawa kit?

The set is specifically designed for the Monogram kit. The Monogram kit's fuselage is constructed very differently from the Hasegawa one but if you are prepared to spend a lot of time modifying both the kit and the resin parts I'm sure that it would be possible.

Review Text and Images Copyright 2004 by Rodger Kelly
Page Created 08 June, 2004
Last updated 07 June, 2004

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