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P-40B/C/Hawk 81 &
P-40F-N Exhausts




S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number,  Description and Price: 48143 - Curtiss P-40B/C Tubular Exhausts (fits Hobbycraft and Academy kits) USD$5.95 from Ultracast website

48144 - Curtiss P-40F-N Flared Exhausts (fits AMT/Ertl and AMtech kits) USD$7.95 from Ultracast website

Scale: 1/48
Price: each set
Contents and Media: 48143 contains two parts in cream-coloured resin.

48144 contains four parts in cream-coloured resin.

Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: High-quality detail; beautiful casting; more accurate and far more detailed than the kit parts; versatile usage for P-40E, F, K, L, M and N variants.
Disadvantages: Released just after I finished my "Modelling the P-40" Book!
Recommendation: Both Highly Recommended.


Reviewed by Brett Green

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F i r s t   L o o k


Ultracast's latest releases are two exhaust sets for 1/48 scale P-40 kits. These are both much needed, with plenty of potential subjects:

48143 - Curtiss P-40B/C Tubular Exhausts

The first set is designed for the Hobbycraft and Academy P-40B/C exhausts. Not to put too fine a point on it, the kit exhausts are awful - zero detail and incorrect in angle and size.



Ultracast's replacement will be a straightforward, drop-fit replacement for the basic kit parts.

These resin parts appear to be the simple style most typical of early P-40s in US service.

The ends of the exhaust stacks are evenly and deeply hollowed out, and they are also detailed at the base end where the stack splits for connection to two manifolds.


48144 - Curtiss P-40F-N Flared Exhausts

AMT's option for "Fishtail" exhausts in their P-40N kits is underdetailed and poorly shaped.



Once again, Ultracast comes to the rescue with a clever but simple solution. A resin tray is glued onto the back of the engine cowling, and the stacks may be glued in pairs from the outside after the model has been built and painted. The result is a nice, deeply installed set of exhausts.


Contents of exhaust set


Images from Ultracast website
reproduced with permission

Assembly sequence


The curved outlet is convincingly depicted and hollowed out in typical Ultracast fashion. Similar to the P-40B/C exhausts, these are also detailed at the manifold end. Very nice indeed!

The exhausts will fit the AMT/ERTL P-40K, P-40N and short-tail P-40F; plus the AMtech P-40E (this style of exhaust was fitted to late production P-40Es and Kittyhawk Mk.Ia); and the recently released Hobbycraft long-tail P-40F. They might also be modified to fit the solid resin nose of AMtech's P-40F/L by slicing each stack from its mount and gluing them in place individually.

Indeed, with a bit of mix-and-match modelling, the AMT family of kits may also be modified to represent a P-40M or a late, long tail  P-40K (without the tail fillet), or a P-40L. Ultracast's exhausts will also be suitable for these variants.





Ultracast has picked two subjects that really will add detail and authenticity to the basic kits.

Highly Recommended.

Thanks to Kevin at Ultracast for the review sample

The full catalogue of Ultracast accessories, conversions and figures may be viewed and purchased at Ultracast's Web Site.

Review Copyright 2004 by Brett Green
Images Courtesy Ultracast Website
Page Created 30 April, 2004
Last updated 30 April, 2004

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