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Mitsubishi A6M3 32/22 “HAMP”
1/32 scale conversion


UMI Resin


S u m m a r y
Catalogue Number and Description UMI Resin Conversion Set #2 - Mitsubishi A6M3 32/22 “HAMP”
Price: USD$15.00 by email from UMI Resins
Scale: 1/32
Contents and Media: See text below
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Includes parts to convert to the A6M3 32/22 Hamp; well packaged.
Disadvantages: Soft detail; will need some extra work to bring up to standard.
Recommendation: Recommended for experienced modellers willing to do some extra work.


Reviewed by Rodger Kelly

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U.M.I. Resin from the United States is a newcomer to resin conversion world.  A “cottage industry” producer, their first three sets are all to 1/32 scale and are for aircraft of WWII Axis air arms. 

U.M.I.’s conversion set #2 provides both resin and metal parts to enable you to produce a 1/32 scale Mitsubishi A6M3 Model 32/22 or “Hamp” as it was known under the recognition system devised by the Allied Technical Air Intelligence Unit to identify Japanese aircraft during WWII.  Interestingly, the A6M3 Model 32/22 was originally dubbed the “Hap” in honour of General “Hap” Arnold but the name was changed to “Hamp” after the General complained that he was tired of hearing how many “Haps” had been shot down during his briefings by junior officers!

The external recognition of the “Hamp” were clipped wing tips (the folding ends of the wings were simply removed and the ends covered by a faired tip) and a modified cowling (the intake was moved to the top) 

Appropriately, U.M.I. Resin addresses these differences by supplying resin wing tips and a new cowl.  The set comprises: 

  • A piece of aluminium tubing to enable you to fabricate the exhaust stubs.
  • Modified cowling.
  • Wing tips.

The parts have been cast in a light tan coloured resin and are free from miss-casts and bubbles. 

Click the thumbnails below to view larger images:

U.M.I. is a “Cottage Industry” producer.  Whilst the set has been reasonably well executed it is not up to the standards of Cutting Edge or Aires.  Having said that though, the set is usable and without major flaws. 

Unlike the other sets I have seen from U.M.I. Resin, the surface of the cowl and wing tips are smooth.  You will however need to prepare the parts with fine grade wet and dry sandpaper.  The trailing edges of the cowl flaps are reasonable but will benefit from the attentions of a file. 

The cast-in detail is a little soft too and you really do need to deepen them by re-scribing – not a huge task really but it does need to be done.

The instructions required to accomplish the conversion are supplied as hand drawn illustrations and hand lettered instructions a photocopied A-4 sized page. 

U.M.I. don’t recommend any particular kit but if it were me I would opt the older Hasegawa offering rather that the ultra expensive but beautiful Tamiya example as the shortcomings of the conversion will be very evident against the latter. 

The parts are packed into a plastic zip-loc bag which is then wrapped in bubble wrap and placed into a hard (corrugated) cardboard box. 

The set retails for USD$12.00 and the price include shipping in the United States.   Foreign orders will be more and you can contact U.M.I. Resins on harleydst1958pan@aol.com for information on the cost. 

Worth the price?    Yes, I think so.   You will need to some work to bring the cowl up to speed, but it does save you a lot of time in scratch building and it is for this reason that the set is recommended. 


Thanks to UMI Resin for the review sample

Text and Images Copyright © 2005 by Rodger Kelly
Page Created 01 September, 2005
Last updated 02 September, 2005

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