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Pratt & Whitney
R-2800 Engine

Type B/C (late)


1/48 scale




S u m m a r y

Catalogue No. and Description Pratt and Whitney R-2800 Engine
Price: USD$21.00 from Linden Hill Imports
Contents and Media: 46 parts in grey resin
Scale: 1/48
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Exceptional detail; separately moulded cylinder parts and gearbox
Disadvantages: No electrical harness or pushrods; no close up detail drawings or photos to detail the engine.
Recommendation: Highly Recommended.


Reviewed by Mick Evans

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Beautifully moulded in a light grey resin, Vector has captured all of the fine detail of the Pratt and Whitney R-2800 Engine in their 1/48 scale kit.

The detail provided from the back through to the front of the engine has been so faithfully reproduced it would be a shame to cover any of it with engine cowls.

There are 46 individual resin parts to make up the engine. The engine crankcase is superbly detailed into which the individual one-piece cylinders are fitted. The cylinders are moulded with its fine cooling fins and rocker covers. The pushrods are made from copper wire that is provided while the carburettor pipes are provided in detailed resin. The rear gearbox detail is faithfully reproduced and captures all of the gearbox detail nicely. The magnetos and other details for the crankcase are also provided as finely moulded resin parts. The electrical harness that is required to be added to the front of the engine have to be scratch built from fine wire or solder. Fine solder will allow the scratch built harness to conform more naturally to the engines contours. This and the push rods are the only detail not proved so a little scratch building is required. The push rods can be made from fine wire or stretched sprue. The carburettor and exhaust piping is provided also in resin.

The end result should be stunning and much more accurate and detailed than a one-piece moulded engine in resin. Experience modelling skills will be required to assemble this detail set in particular the scratch building of the push rods and electrical harness.

Highly Recommended for skilled modellers.

Thanks to Linden Hill Imports for the review sample.

Vector Engines are available from Linden Hill Imports' website

Review Copyright 2005 by Mick Evans
Page Created 02 August, 2005
Last updated 01 August, 2005

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