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Yak-9 Conversion &
Yak-9T/K Correction


Gremlin Models


S u m m a r y

Catalogue Number and Description: No Catalogue Number - Yak-9 Conversion &
No Catalogue Number- Yak-9T/K Correction
Scale: 1/48
Price: USD$20 each
Contents and Media: Resin and Vacform 
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Accurate shape; simple breakdown for conversion (no cutting required); crisp and subtle surface features; major improvement over kit fuselage parts; excellent quality casting; inexpensive for this medium.
Disadvantages: Some sanding and filling will be required for fuselage centreline join.
Recommendation: Highly Recommended for moderately experienced modellers and Soviet aircraft enthusiasts


Reviewed by Brett Green




ICM's 1/48 scale Yak-9 kits are nicely detailed and inexpensive kits, but they suffer from some accuracy problems. As outlined by Mike Good in a 1999 review on HyperScale, the fuselage cross-section is too oval, panel lines are crude and out of position, and the canopy shape is poor.

Gremlin Models of Yugoslavia has already released a full 1/48 scale kit of the significant but neglected Lavochkin La-5 early in 2001, and a replacement fuselage to correct ICM's Yak-7 kits. Now they have turned their attention to the Yak-9. Considering that the ICM kit has many positive aspects, Gremlin Models has produced a simple yet substantial conversion to correct the outline accuracy issues while using most of the ICM kit parts.



The main parts in both sets are total replacements for the kit fuselage halves. A new rudder, horizontal tailplanes, wheels and a couple of vacformed canopies are also included in both sets.

The casting quality of these substantial resin sets is greatly improved over the earlier releases. The resin is smooth and flawless. Detail on all parts is extremely crisp. There are also no casting attachment points or blocks on the fuselage, so cleanup will be very quick. The overall standard of casting is very impressive.

Research for the correction set was undertaken with the help of factory drawings, photographs and preserved examples of the Yak-9 family.


Yak 9 Conversion

All of ICM's Yak-9 kits are based on mid to late production variants with the cockpit relocated 15" rearward compared to the original production model. This modification was originally required to make room for the big 37mm cannon fitted in the fuselage of the tank-busting Yak-9T, but the rearward location of the cockpit was later standardised across all production variants.

Gremlin's Yak-9 conversion will permit the modeler to accurately depict a "standard" early production Yak-9 or Yak-9D with the original forward-position cockpit.



In addition to moving the location of the cockpit opening, the resin fuselage halves include structural detail on the interior sidewalls. The outside of the fuselage features greatly improved and accurately positioned surface details. The subtle shape of the oil-cooler intake is also well captured (a noticeable improvement over the kit part), and the fuselage cross-section is less oval.


Yak-9T/K Correction Set

The same comments apply to this correction set as above, except that the cockpit position is to the rear as is appropriate for the Yak-9T and later variants.




Common Comments

Panel lines have been modified compared to the early Yak-9 too.

Two vacform replacement canopies plus a third separate rear section are supplied to replace ICM's horrible clear parts. They are not bad - quite clear but they definition for the canopy framing is a little soft.

All the resin pieces are complete replacements for ICM parts, so almost no surgery to the kit will be required.





These are terrific conversions/corrections for ICM's kit of the most widely used fighter in the WWII inventory of the VVS.

The quality of Gremlin's products is now up there with the league of mainstream resin manufacturers, and the improvements in accuracy and detail offered by the replacement fuselages are very obvious.

If you do decide you want one of these Gremlin correction sets, you'd better get in quick. Only 100 of each are being produced!

Highly Recommended to any modelers with some experience working with resin, and Soviet WWII enthusiasts.

Thanks to Aleksej Ilic of Gremlin Models for the review sample

Gremlin Models are available via email enquiry to Gremlin Models

Review and Image Copyright 2003 by Brett Green
Page Created 07 June, 2003
Last updated 14 August, 2003

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